Treat pouch

Published on:
June 1, 2021

Dog owners rejoice because the fanny pack is making a comeback! An essential training tool, a treat bag doesn’t have to just be for treats! You can never go wrong with the PetSafe Quick Access Treat Pouch, but my current favorite treat bag is the Nathan Adult Trail Speed Plus Hydrating Belt. While it’s not the biggest on the market, it can fit the iPhone X (although a bit snug), a ziplock of training treats, and a slim card holder. My favorite part is it comes with two water bottles, one for Rufus and one for you (I know you’ve been meaning to drink more water), and a holder to put them in. Keep your hands free for safely holding a leash (or several), easy access to treats for excellent timing of rewards, and keep your pup hydrated during these hot Florida summers.

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