The Classic Kong

Published on:
June 1, 2021

A kong is a toy that is meant to be stuffed with delicious goodies. It helps soothe stressed dogs, provides enrichment, and alleviates boredom by allowing dogs to lick something yummy. Licking can be calming because it releases pleasurable endorphins and a kong is a perfect outlet to do that. When choosing a kong for your pup, take your pup’s chewing style (destructo-dog? gentle nibbler?) and their weight into consideration. If you’re unsure of which size you should get, go a size up. They can be stuffed loosely for the novice kong licker, or frozen to level up and make the goodies last longer. The best part, they’re dishwasher safe! Not sure what to stuff in your kong? Check out my go-to list of “safe treats for kong stuffing”.

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